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Free Market Transportation

  • About the Service !

  • When your ride or drive is found, you will receive an Email with a map showing the route, and a Text (optional). No more endless searching of useless rideshare listings. You request a custom ride or announce a custom drive by adding the places to your places list, then selecting them in the ride or drive screen as FROM and TO along with your desired times.

  • Entries are automated for listed commuter routes or public events, in just two clicks you are scheduled. Anyone can create a scheduled event and distribute it or post it as a Facebook link. Attendance to a church service or touring rock and roll concerts are easily coordinated by GPS Points, creating a supporting web of transport for the event among its members.

  • Public or Private networks with their own url ( are also available for internal corporate commuter systems as well as open public event venues. Private networks are join-able only at the admins invitation (or the companies data dump upload), and can optionally be restricted to emails from a specific email domain. Individual members can later switch their accounts to General Matching if they prefer to use the system outside the company as well on that email. A Corporate account is a great benefit to assist employees in gaining a faster stress free commute. A simple tab and return file upload generates emails to every individual, who join with just two clicks of the mouse. In less than an hour a company can perfectly organize their workforce by GPS Points for the optimum commuter efficiency in complete privacy.

  • If you are traveling across country you can simply enter city and state, but if it is local, the matches will be far better if you provide an address. If you know the exact address it is always better to enter it in the places. Exact Address is required for Home and Event Addresses but places can be place names as well.

  • If you have texting turned on you can also receive a text on your phone as matches are made with basic info for those traveling without web phone capabilities. System functions on any device that is html capable, even very small devices.

  • Please upload a facial photo during registration. People you match for rides or drives will use this to securely identify you. The photo provides both parties with accountability and security. Do not get into a car that does not match the car photo, or accept a passenger without first confirming his or her identity first using the facial photo. To see the photos, just click on the match which will appear in your run list on your phone.

  • When you view a match by clicking it in the run list, you will see clickable links appear here for texting your match with a single click, phone them directly with a click, and/or view their Facebook, GooglePlus, website pages, Photo Id etc.

  • If you are looking for a regular match, such as a ride or passenger going to work, click the check-boxes for the days of the week and the Every week radio button. The system will automatically thereafter regularly announce the drives or request the rides for you until you cancel the schedule. To cancel, click on the ride or drive, and click Delete Schedule at the bottom.

  • Ride Drive and Run lists are dynamic, as items go out of date they will disappear from your list. Runs stay for a few days and change color to brown for entering comments on your experience (click to enter comments).

  • For local transport to and from places you regularly visit (like home, work or Joe's Bar), a Name this place feature is available on the places list whereby a single click will record your current location for easy future reference. This is a great feature for people who drive a regular route.

  • Your account is completely configurable. Drivers set their own rates, and the types of rides they wish to match with, and cut their own deal. Accounts can be set to send html email, text email, texts, or no-email at all. All languages and locations are supported. Heavy users with extensive activity will find no-email more productive and bookmarking the run list for quick reference preferred. Choose the communication channel that fits your needs.

  • Additional Notes: If testing the system be sure to use two email accounts (one driver and one rider). Events behave differently depending on the type of event and its settings. An example of each major type is displayed on the events list, they are color coded for easy reference. The account placing an event (the event owner) gets an admin screen when looking at the event entry. General Users get a user view. System admins for custom domains get access to an entire library of functions ranging from full css control (appearance) to letter text wording and graphics. The entire system is interactive over time. Lists change and update on the server regularly, status changes indicated by color change indicate different functions (such as commenting on a past ride). Emails are generated by various user conditions (you have a match, upload a photo etc). A user library of 26 system letters is editable by the domain and language (with English defaults). Complete libraries exist for all major languages but are currently based on stored values from Google translate, until a language is finalized by a volunteer, non-english users are presented with a button on their preferences screen to enable the editing system for improving the translation, editing letters and properly sizing the word choices.

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